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How Josefine HJ changed the Instagram scene

So let’s talk about probably the coolest chick on the gram: Josefine HJ. There is something about her that’s so inspiring. Is it the fashion style? Probably, but she wears a lot of basic items. How come she is that effortlessly cool? Maybe it’s her face. When I showed her to my bf he said ‘She is like the messy Gigi Hadid’. Yeah, I think that is the right description.

Or maybe it’s because of the awesome travels she makes all around the world and her poetic captions. Or maybe it’s her killer body. I mean… how can it not be her killer body?

It is also very refreshing these days that you can make a cool picture in the mirror of a toilet room, like she does. Goodbye to all the roses, cupcakes, birds coming out of boxes and fairytale edits on instagram. I’m bored with those features. So thank you Josefine. I think you changed the Instagram scene a bit here.

So she posted a picture once with her middle finger up: copy this. I see a lot of girls on instagram pose, shoot and wear the same kinda clothes. I also busted myself on looking for the same places in Copenhagen en doing that – hand before my face – pose that is so her. So yes, she inspires me. But I’m trying to send out my own style and ideas. But omg girl you slayyyyy and you should see it as a compliment that so may girls feel inspired by you. Because in the end of the day. We can all see thru the copycats and there is no one like you.

X Daphisticated

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