#Vintage It Girl Guide

Hi, my name is Daphne Tiedink and I am the owner of the blog Daphisticated.com and the Instagram @Daphisticated. I started my journey three years ago and I am still fascinated by the fact this amazing experience is my job. I really love the Instagram world because it’s a place of inspiration. I get inspired everyday and love the cheekiness that comes along with reincarnation of the 90’s child vintage vibe, one of the biggest insta trends of all times.. That’s why I wanted to make a guide to inspire you to be a bit bold and show off a cheeky glimpse of the way we present ourselves on Instagram and reveal all secrets with a big smile. Because we shouldn’t take ourselves and Instagram too seriously.

The guide that reveals all Instagram IT Girl Secrets.

  • The Badass Basics
  • Photo ideas
  • Which edit apps you need to have
  • How to use the apps
  • The codes to filter your photo’s just like mine

Below you can shop the ‘How to be a (badass) Vintage IT Girl with a cool feed’.

#Vintage It Girl Guide

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