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Heatwave Survival Guide for your hair

In summer you’ve got more important stuff to do then be busy with your hair every morning. What is the most practical and good thing to do with your hair if you go to the pool or beach? I’ll show you what my favorite beach hair look looks like. One look that stays all day long and you end up with divine beach waves and of course a Gin-Tonic.

Step 1
I prefer to wash my hair in summer with Keune’s Care Sun Shield shampoo and conditioner. That death is perfect for the remains of sun products, sea water and chlorine. And ensures good protection for my hair.

Step 2
I spray a little Care Miracle Elixir Keratin Sprayr in my hair so that I can easily comb it. Then I just let it dry because the hair dryer is really killing my hair in the summer. In addition, the Care Sun Shield Oil is included in my beach bag. To spray well (Also on the body).

Step 3
Then prepare the hair with Keune Blend Prep Spray (may over the entire length of hair) and spray a conditioner condition on the points for extra care.

Step 4
Then I braid my hair like Lara Croft. This give you an instant beach look and is also very practical. And in the end of the day when you take out the braid you have this divine beach hair. Just take the Blend Sea Salt Spray and/ore Dry shampoo to even thicken those so-called natural beach waves ;-) Now enjoy your Gin-Tonic.

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