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The best gift for your hair + Giveaway

I’m not the type of girl that gives herself a Marlyn Monroe look very often and prefer to let my hair rest because I don’t want to use stylingtools, but as a blogger I regularly sit in a chair where make-up and hair artists are doing they job really good. So you can emagine the styling rods and hairbrushes are passing by, which is very bad for my hair. So I did noticed that my hair quality was not that good an quite stressed out.

‘Care Miracle Elixir’

Because of my collaboration with the brand Keune I was introduced to this new amazing product on the market that’s called ‘The Care Miracle Elixir’, which is used in a luxury salon treatment. This treatment is completely customized because you can use the boosters in all five masks of the Keune ‘Care’ line. I used the ‘Care Nutrition Mask’. This mask enhances the elasticity of the hair and provides care, strengthening and shine. In four steps my hair should be twice as soft an my hair damage 80% less. I was always a little skeptical about keratin treatments because I thought ‘I can use a good mask as well’. But this ain’t true. As you can see in the Video I made with Keune, the difference is amazing! This video was recorded a few months ago and I still see and feel the results of this treatment. Of couse I had to keep it this way and so they give me the ‘Keratin Spray’ to use at home. Yes, this means you can keep the perfect result as long as possible. PERFECT!

 Giveaway ‘Care Miracle Elixir’ treatment

I’m very happy to tell you I’m doing a giveaway! Do you also want this amazing hairtreatment from Keune? Then click here and tag your best friend. Who knows, you’ll soon be enyoing this with your bff and go through life with silk and soft hair ;-)


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