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How to handle your hair in the heatwave

Tropical temperatures in Europe. Well, you won’t hear me complain about this heatwave. I’m working on my laptop on the terrace at my favorite cafe in Arnhem, the Babo. On the left my ice coffee and on the right my agenda. To work for yourself and plan your own work hours is absolutely amazing. Two woman that are sitting next to me for some lunch are total drama queens. Ms. A: “Omg, it’s like so so so hot”. Ms B: “It’s killing me, what a heat” – “Espacially for my hair” sighs Ms. A. Yes, too keep your hair tamed is hard work when it’s summer. But of course I have some tips for you to fight against the terror heat here in Europe. More people should read my blog ;-)

Hamptons hat
The most fashionable and the most easy solution for frizzy hair. A hat or a shawl in your hair. Obviously, Hamptons looks odd and hides your fluffy forest.

Pamper evening
Once a week a pampering night for your hair (and yourself). Candle on, mask on the face and mask in the hair. My favorite is Keune’s Care Collor Brillianz. Smells so delicious too!

Because we are all so rushed we often wipe our hair after washing the hair. Try to dump (preferably with a towel made of microfiber). Love your hair and it will love you too.

I LOVE OIL! Especially from the Care Satin Oil Treatment of Keune. This oil declines, cares and gives your hair a nice shine while it is not greasy or heavy. It ensures that your hair is well hydrated. The drier the hair, the greater the chance of frizz. With an oil you keep the moisture balance up to level.

Here you can read all about my treatment. This is also one of the reasons I’m not complaining about this weather. Still benefiting from this treatment. ☺

So, and now just enjoy it again!

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