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Meet my new lover, Mr. Big

BIGGGGG NEWS: It’s still very new and fresh. But I’ve never been more sure of anything. I new immediatly that I could trust him and that Mr. Big is the love of my life. He know’s exactly what I desire and gives me everything I need. Also not completely unimportant: He is big, very big. You know the saying “The bigger the better” right?

No, I’m not talking about a men but about the new Lancome mascara: Monsieur Big. I know, very much ‘Sex and the City’ it’s like my name is written all over it. This mascara gives 12x more volume and stays all day long. Trust issues are not necessary with this Mr. Big ;-)

My big search for the perfect mascara is over now. Volume is one thing that every girl wants and thank god we don’t need a eyelash curler anymore with Mr. Big in tha house.

The younger-me always squeezed the eyelashes between a curler. I remember my father paniced one time because he tought I was hurting myself. This was obviously a hilarious situation. But it defenitely looks like torture and it’s not good for your eyelashes ether. Sort of like a boyfriend that’s not good for you and your father disapproves. Furtunatly, Mr. Big can meet the parents.

Now that we all have the begin tune of Sex and the City (If you had it yet, you have it now) in our head. I want to introduce you to my lover. Meet Monsieur Big, forget about the others.

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